I’m an expert marketing communications professional with more than 15 years of experience producing research and content for top-tier organizations. I'm a firm believer in the significance of building strong relationships, listening with intent, and telling powerful stories. 

My experience spans tech, e-commerce, media and entertainment, healthcare, financial services, and news journalism, and includes experience in operational and strategic roles. 

But beyond my accomplishments, I’ve learned some important things about myself:
-- I'm a glass half full kind of person. Plus, I genuinely like people.
-- I get stuff done. I like rolling up my sleeves more than I like talking about rolling up my sleeves.
-- I'm relentlessly curious and see everything I’m involved in as an opportunity to learn.
-- I believe that the more you understand your own humanity, the more you can appreciate the humanity of others.
-- I'm good at the big picture stuff but don't just want to talk strategy (see #2).
-- I believe that technology exists to transcend our human limits, not to limit our human connections.
-- I'm a fan of free-thinking, great storytelling, and fanning the flame of creativity within us all.

"Kathryn is bright, creative, and collaborative, an upbeat presence no matter how tight the deadline or how long the list of projects. She comes up with insightful questions and recommendations, partnering effectively with multiple groups to deliver quality results." 

Janet Ausbury, former colleague at eBay

Kathryn consistently demonstrated her ability to deliver on large, often complex, projects. Her excellent communication skills, coupled with her ability to organise a global team, make her an invaluable asset to any organisation that operates in multiple locations around the around the world.

Brian O'Neill, global content director, eBay